Week 3 Award Winner

Congratulations to Jasper who was our Week 3 Award Winner last Wednesday and who then celebrated his 11th birthday on Thursday!  A big week for him and a big 5H thank you to Noon for spoiling us with the cutest cupcakes EVER!

Term 3 Speaking and Listening Schedule - "Someone who Inspires me"

Hi everyone, as mentioned in our last blog post, our theme this term is "Someone who Inspires me and Why? Please see last week's post for more details.Last Friday I modelled a presentation on someone who inspires me. That person for me is the famous Australian cricketer and coach, Justin Langer. Although I didn't record the presentation (I will try to do that next time) I am sharing my notes/palm cards that I used. I went through this with the class and emphasised that the structure of their presentation is a bit like a writing piece - Introduction, body and conclusion.I also tried to emphasise the assessment criteria (see last week's blog post) and the use of gestures, tone and expression. (Our focus for the term.)I did take feedback from the class after my presentation. I'm sure my ego will be restored in a few days time after some good counselling....Term 3 Schedule:Week 5:Thursday - Mahley, Jasper, Flynn, Friday - Ruby, Lolah, Joe, Noah, Georgia
Week 6:Thursday…

Week 3 Term 3

Interschool Cross Country: Last Thursday the O.L.C. Inter-school Cross Country team competed in Bunbury.  Mr T was super impressed with the attitude and effort of all the students who attended. A massive congratulations to Noah for placing 2nd overall in the Year 5 boys race, Tieg for placing 6th and Mahley 16th. An amazing effort in a field of about 70 boys!
Home Learning Grid: As part of their home learning last week, hopefully your child shared their Camp Memory Wheel and you were able to access the camp photos with them via One Note.If you haven’t had the chance to do this yet, consider taking the time to do so with them this week, as their camp experience was full of personal highlights and growth points!
This week the two spelling activities on Monday to choose from are either “Sentences” or “Dictionary Meaning.” I am hoping that these two activities will assist them in thinking how to apply them in their own writing as currently I am finding that they are not transferring correctly.