Week 2 in Review!
PARENT NIGHT Thank you to those parents who were able to attend our parent evening.  The previous blog post contains a link to our presentation.  If you have any remaining questions please pop in and see us in class (after school preferable) or send us an email.  We hope you enjoyed sharing your child's Growth Mindset booklet with them.  They are all so motivated to "train their brains" to be positive and resilient with their learning this year!
We are still looking for our two class reps. If you are interested, please let us know.
BUDDY READING A highlight of this week was the last 15 minutes of Wednesday afternoon, where we met our Pre-Primary buddies from Mrs Birch's class. The Year 5s each greeted a "little buddy" and read a picture book to their new friend.   Our buddy time is a fabulous way for the Year 5s to begin to develop their leadership skills as they model being healthy role models for our young pres.  


Parent Information Night Slides - Week 2 Term 1

Hi Year 5H Parents,

Please click on the link below to access the information from our Parent Teacher Information Evening.

Click here to access the Parent Information Evening Booklet

Term 1 Week 2

Week 1 in Review!
What a fabulous first week we had in 5H and what a wonderful year of learning we can look forward to! During the week, to take photos for our Birthday Chart display, we found out who was born in the same month as us. Lucy and Mr Torrese found out they were birthday twins, both being born on the 17thof  February!

The children have loved taking responsibility for their new iHelp jobs. Special Shoutout to DJ L&L (Lucy and Laura) for being brave enough to be the first class DJs to share their favourite songs with us. The DJ job is a way we can build trust in 5H where everyone can be free to share their choice of song without being judged. It’s going to be great to hear everyone’s favourite type of music in the week’s ahead. Luca was our first “Earth Child” and didn’t forget once to turn the lights out and close the doors each time we left the room to help us with our sustainability. The iHelp jobs will change each Monday and if your child doesn’t have a job for the week…

Term 1 Speaking Presentations Schedule (Weeks 1-5)

Hi Year 5 Parents, 

This year the Year 5 students will be required to prepare and present a short speaking presentation, twice each term. 

Below is the outline for:

The theme for Term 1.The assessment key (Presentation Skills) that each student will receive after their presentation.The schedule for when students will need to be prepared and ready to present.Resource videos as examples to watch at home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or Kathy.

Best Regards,
Adrian Torrese

Year 5 Term 1 Speaking and Listening Challenge 

“Something that is special and preciousto me”

1.Choose something at home, with your mum or dad, that is special to you. 2.Think about 3 to 5 reasons why this item is special to you. 3.Write these reasons down. Make sure these reasons will be interesting for your audience to listen to. Make note cards for your presentation that summarises these points. 4.Practise your presentation using the 5 speaking techniques that we have been practising …