Term 4, Week Two

Term 4, Week Two We have had a fabulous start to Term 4. The children have returned with a motivated attitude towards their learning. They are an absolute delight to be working with and they have all made me feel very welcome. Thank you.  They have been especially focused in Religion on learning about   our Term 4 School Value of Excellence. We have uncovered that it means more than producing work of an “excellent” standard.  It can be the little things that you do throughout the day that that can show we are living this value. We wrote a list of 10 things that require 0 talent and are going to try to develop these qualities this term as they are qualities that school leaders should possess. We have enjoyed the reading the first few chapters of Wonder. Every week, we will be reading sections of it in groups or as a class. The children can choose whether they re-read it at home for the homework or choose their own book.   In Maths we have begun our fraction and decimals un

Term 4 Speaking and Listening Challenge

  Speaking and Listening Challenge   Term 4 - “Information Report” – Decide on a topic that you would like to present in an information report style.   You can have your choice of topic. A sport, a hobby, a person, a country, city, town, an organisation, instrument, music style, musician, artist, art, architecture, game, movie……whatever it is that really interests you , want to know more about or you're really passionate about. This term your presentation should go for at least 2 minutes. The focus this term is gestures, expression and tone! Name: Make appropriate eye contact 5 points Make eye contact with your partner regularly.  When speaking to a larger group, make eye contact with many members of the audience, in front of you and to the sides, as you speak. Use  clear volume , pacing and pauses  to engage the audience 5 points Speak slowly and clearly  when describing and explaining.  Pause  after introducin


  WELCOME BACK TO TERM 4 Welcome back to Term 4 in 5H. I am so excited about getting to spend the term with all the children. I hope that you have all had a wonderful break and been able to refuel those tanks ready for a great term.   OUR LEARNING IN TERM 4 Reading: Our focus for Term 4 is the incredible story, WONDER, written by R.J. Palacio.   It is such a beautiful book, with incredible themes and messages throughout it. I can’t wait to dive into it with the kids.    The pages they are required to read each week will be numbered on their weekly Homework Grid.   We will be rereading sections in class to continue developing our reading comprehension skills, learn new vocabulary and explore how the author uses figurative language. Writing: This term our focus genre is Information Reports.   The children will be exploring the structure of report writing and developing their own piece focused on a disease or illness that can affect the human body. Spelling: We will continue

Week 10 Announcements

  Hi 5H families, There are some important announcements and reminders for you in this week’s blog so please read on… MRS HOLT ON LSL   I have mixed emotions sharing with you that I will be taking Long Service Leave from OLC in Term 4. I have been blessed to have taught your children for 3 terms this year and have witnessed wonderful growth and development in all of them.   You should be so proud.   I will be very emotional on my last day with them, this Thursday. I am pleased to share that Mrs Serena O'Brien will be teaching the class from Monday to Wednesday, alongside Mr Torrese on Thursday and Fridays. Mrs O'Brien and I will be having an extensive handover this week to share my teaching and learning programmes for Term 4 and she will be following the already established routines and procedures for the class.   She has already taught the class on several relief days so knows all the children.   Rest assured we will discuss their various needs and learning goals at

Week 9 Term 3

Hi 5H families, There are some important updates and reminders for you in this week’s blog:   CLAY MAKING A huge thank you to Sasha Boundy (Esmerelda’s mum and  “Made By the Sea”  pottery creator ) for being our guest artist for our second attempt at making pottery bowls.   Sasha showed some of her failures and successes and then modelled a step-by-step process for us to follow. The class displayed great growth mindset after attempt number one, learning from their mistakes and accepting the challenge to try again.   They are all so proud of their efforts.   Their pottery pieces are now on their way to be fired in the kiln at Happ's Pottery and will return to us before the end of the term for us to glaze (finger crossed all in one piece!).   Sasha has once again offered to assist us with the glazing process and her expertise is much appreciated. Scroll to the end to see more pics!   Operation Christmas Child  Your child should have brought home a note last week outlining